Megastores Distribution Centre

To build a large warehousing and distribution center for the movement of imported goods into Lesotho. Lesotho imports  USD 2.1 billion annually: 70% of goods from South Africa and 30% from India and China. These goods will be stored in bulk in a bonded warehouse, from where online orders will be processed by local sales agents and goods picked and distributed to the retail sector in Lesotho. The goods will be moved from South Africa, Chinese, and Indian manufacturers by rail directly into the terminal in Lesotho where the warehousing will be located. Pharmaceuticals mainly from India will be distributed to Lesotho directly from the warehouse to government clinics and hospital by road and drones for rural clinics on demand especially for live vaccines.  Power tools and other hardware products will be shipped from China into the warehousing facility and online orders will be generated and delivered to Lesotho, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mozambique. The warehouse will use South Africa railnetwork to deliver bulk goods into the warehouse as well as moving goods to other SADC countries by rail/road. The warehouse will accommodate harzadous, frozen, chilled, and dry goods. It will also be used to move organic pork meat from Lesotho to China which will be produced in the rural of Lesotho (a project that has just started In a small scale to grow to a 3000 outdoor foraging free range sows, producing 90,000 pigs annually.