Joint Venture Partnerships in Advanced Composite Pipeline Manufacturing Facility.

Nexa are seeking strategic partnerships to establish manufacturing facilities and deploy our breakthrough solutions for the midstream sector.  Our advanced manufacturing technology enables our customers to deliver faster, more efficient, and greener pipeline projects with performance advantages unmatched by traditional pipeline solutions.  Our suite of technologies positions Nexa to lead the transformation of the midstream sector needed to deliver green energy transition projects, including hydrogen, ammonia, and carbon dioxide transportation. We enable customers to improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability of their operations while reducing life cycle costs. Nexa provides the innovation imperative to meet the challenges of today and the green energy transition of tomorrow.  Our relining technology utilises revolutionary flat-tube composite materials that can be formed in situ to create high-performance pipe within aged pipelines.  For new pipelines, our innovations in advanced composite materials and manufacturing methods yield pipe that is incredibly strong, yet flexible and lightweight.  Partner with us today to redefine the future of midstream infrastructure.