Belt And Road Airport Platform

AIRPORT COMPETENCE (AC) formely known as AIRPORT CAPITAL VENTURES (ACVG) and CHINA STATE CONSTRUCTION AND ENGINEERING COMPANY (CSCEC) signed an MOU regarding the development of airports in the Belt & Road region under the BELT & ROAD AIRPORTS PLATFORM. This Project is following the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) developing the infrastructure in about 70 countries connected historically by the different silk road routes. The region has about 1000 airports below 5m passengers and this is the target for BRAP. Most of the airports have an average growth of more than 7% and this requires improved and extended capacities which cannot easily be financed by the States. BRAP acquire stakes or concessions of such airports and develop them according to international standards. BRAP shall raise for its Holding Company about € 2,0 billion in the next 10 years offering an above average return rate.