Bacolod Coastal Expressway

The project covers the preparation of feasibility study and construction of Coastal Road and Viaduct  from Brgy. Banago to Brgy. Punta Taytay with length of 17 kms. The Bacolod Coastal Expressway project is expected to provide the main route for heavy cargo trucks that will traverse the city’s two major ports.  It will also be utilized as an alternate route for other vehicles who need to ply along the coastal barangays to get to BREDCO and Banago seaports and decongesting traffic along the main roads of the City. Cargoes especially those that carry goods can arrive faster to their destinations.  It is the thrust of the City government to provide greater accessibility of goods and the continuous inflow and outflow of vehicles.   There will be savings to the general populace, which will later on have a great impact on the city’s economy and its capacity to attract more investors.        This will provide also solution to the city’s traffic congestion.  It is aimed to provide an alternate route linkage accessible for all vehicles running along Brgy. Banago  to Brgy. Punta Taytay and vice versa.  The project not only aims to ease traffic but is also expected to shorten the distance these vehicles, both public and private, that will need to traverse to get from one place to another. Thus, resulting savings on time, money and effort to the city’s populace, business and also for visitors both local and international.