CleanOil Investment Limited


CleanOil Investment Limited, has developed and owns a proprietary Oil Re-Refining Technology (the ORT) successfully implemented at its wholly-own 20,000 ton/year oil re-refining facility in Zhuhai, China. CleanOil’s ORT is proven to operate in harsh conditions, and capable in recycling the dirtiest and non-homogeneous used lubricant oil into proven usable and saleable products. We offer solutions from 20,000 MTons/year to 100,000 MTons/year, making it a suitable solution for both developing and developed countries. CleanOil is the first and remains the only fully operational oil re-refinery in China to produce high quality Group II/II+ base oil and consequently lubricating oil from used oil. The benefits to environment & society have been recognised by the Chinese Government, which is actively supporting the oil re-refining industry and hence CleanOil’s strategy. CleanOil’s ORT fully realises oil’s amazing capacity to be recycled and reused indefinitely with no loss of quality. Oil re-refining reduces greenhouse gas and heavy metal emissions when compared to burning used oil as fuel. Re-refining is ALWAYS the best way to treat used oil as it preserves non-renewable resources (such as crude oil), protects the environment from illegal or improper disposal of used oil in the soil and waterways, reduces air pollution from burning used oil as a fuel source and it improves the economic dependency on oil imports - reducing the current account deficit and the risk from currency fluctuations from imported oil. Our business proposal is to license CleanOil’s ORT to Belt and Road countries, whilst providing management, design and technical consulting to support construction to the local partners. In addition, we offer practical hands-on training for partner facilities and engineering teams for up to 6 months at our Zhuhai facility.

製造業(包括工業園區、物流園區和機械設備), 食水及廢物處理, Used lubricant oil re-refining and waste management
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