Universal Bonus Point Program

Diversified Bonus Point (BP) Programs launched by numerous Business Corporates to promote their own loyalty programs for spending within their sphere of interests and entities. BP is Account Payable and financial liability for Corporates, and most BP not fully utilized by Customers nor up to business and loyalty expectation by Corporates. BP not fully utilized by Customers for various reasons, e.g., too little, inconvenient, not user-friendly, and no incentive to follow through, etc. BP issued and accumulated by Corporates and Customers respectively are huge outstanding amount to be resolved, a lucrative market to be explored productively with the latest Financial, Blockchain and Payment technologies, together with marketing expertise. Launch a standardized and digitalized Universal Bonus Point (UBP) to be accepted by key Corporates, and Issuers can simply subscribe UBP to be their assets and then reward to their loyal Customers. Establish a comprehensively professional UBP System Platform/Network, so both Issuers and Customers find it easy to monitor and redeem their UBP. Integrate UBP to Consumers' e-Wallet and Merchants' Point-of-Sales terminals, so both UBP Issuers, Consumers and Merchants find it much convenient to manage UBP transaction flow. Combine UBP with Smart ID/Membership Cards for Merchants and most importantly their Clients.