Belt and Road to Bring Mutual Economic Benefits for Southeast Asia and China

Peter Wong, Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited In the wake of more isolationist political thinking in the West, with many developed economies turning inward, China is reaching out, seeking stronger trade and investment links with…
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The Belt, the Road and the Bonds

By Gordon French, Head of Global Banking and Markets, Asia Pacific, HSBC Perhaps it’s inevitable that interest in China’s Belt and Road Initiative tends to revolve around the railway lines, ports and highways that will be constructed in its name. These are the most visible manifestati…
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ASEAN infrastructure gap turns negatives into positives

By Stuart Tait, Group General Manager and Regional Head of Commercial Banking, Asia Pacific With protectionism threatening to dim Europe’s economic lights, Southeast Asia – fuelled by its nation-building infrastructure activity - could be the commercial catalyst that European corporat…
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王冬胜 香港上海汇丰银行有限公司副主席兼行政总裁   要真正理解国家「一带一路」战略,我们不能只着眼于基础建设,而应以更广阔的视野去看这个宏大的蓝图。 「一带一路」无疑涉及大量基础建设,例如高速公路、铁路、大桥等等,这些建设将促进中国与邻近国家,以至欧洲、非洲及中东国家的贸易。 「一带一路」借着促进国际货物和服务流通,推动区域贸易和合作。预料于未来十年,中国与沿线逾六十个国家的年贸易额将由2015年的约1万亿美元,跃升至超过2.5万亿美元。 现时环球贸易增长乏力,「一带一路」犹如一枝强心针,也符合国家致力推动人民币国际化,以及行之已久的鼓励中国企业「走出…
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