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The challenge of building a safe and efficient high-speed rail route involves looking beyond just the new high-speed section, say rail specialists Edwin Marks and Mat Brough. As the new generation of high-speed rail starts to be designed and built, some routes will be run solely on dedicated high-speed rail track, but others will use a combination of high-speed and existing main line. For high-speed train drivers the transition from high-speed to main line can be an exaggerated version of what car drivers experience when they come off the motorway onto a winding country road. …
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The Bigger Picture

A holistic and integrated approach to urban development and growth is pointing the way to the future for cities in the Middle East writes IQ reporter Hilary Hastings. Iconic buildings and mega developments have long been a feature of sky-lines and development in many Middle Eastern cities; their silhouettes instantly recognizable and standing as powerful symbols of success. However, with growing populations and fluctuating oil prices there is a changing emphasis in the approach to urban development which is less about landmarks and more about the future and long-term sustainabil…
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