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Seizing China’s ‘new economy’ opportunity

By Clive McDonnell SUMMARY For international investors looking for the next big opportunity, China’s ‘new economy’ companies offer plenty. China’s Belt and Road…
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China’s pursuit of global leadership

By Shuang Ding SUMMARY At a time when the US and other global economies appear to have turned their back on globalisation, China is pursuing an ambitious global…
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本文以商務部對外勞務合作業務統計數據為依據,從國家(地區)、行業、企業三個維度對2017年1-11月中國勞務合作業務情況進行分析,供會員企業了解行業情況,未經授權不得轉載或鏡像。 請按此閱覽原文。
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Five ways Belt and Road is taking shape

By Lan Shen SUMMARY China’s Belt and Road (B&R) initiative – the ambitious project to build infrastructure and expand trading relationships along a new Si…
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What does the future hold for LNG across Asia?

Preparing for widespread growth Rapid growth in energy demand across Asia is seeing LNG become the fuel of choice. Driven by expanding populations, rising stand…
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Asia’s bond market is flying high

By Henrik Raber SUMMARY Asia’s bond markets in general have had a buyout year so far. Asia ex Japan (AEJ) issuance is up 61 per cent compared to this time last…
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Masterplanning for New Opportunities

A straw poll of work colleagues will quickly confirm that few know the geographical location of Djibouti despite it being a strategically key port on the busie…
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信用保险项下项目融资业务是指我公司中长期保险和投资保险项下融资,针对的是出口买方信贷项目和出口卖方信贷项目以及海外投资项目,它适用于大型工程承包、机电成套设备出口及海外投资企业的融资。我公司通过对银行贷款提供风险保障支持银行满足相关企业项目融资需求或通过赔款转让协议将银行对相关企业的融资风险提供保障。 一、出口卖方信贷…
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