Italy - Green Logistic Valley

Following the Ponte Morandi Bridge collapse in August 2018, the harbour and the back-port areas of the Municipality of Genoa have been inserted through a government decree into a Simplified Logistic Zone for the recovery of the affected economic activities (art. 7 DL 28 September 2018, n. 109 cd. Decreto Genoa).   Situated perpendicularly to the Port of Genoa, with its two million square metres, Valpolcevera is the biggest reservoir of disused areas of the City, which is of big strategic importance if you consider that it represents the first mile back-port areas of Genoa and Voltri Prà, first national gateway with over 2,5 million handled TEUs, and gateway to North West Italy which is only 300 km away from Central Europe.   In our view, the pilot project of the Simplified Logistics in Valpolcevera is an extraordinary opportunity for the full integration with the Genoa Port and Airport, through the implementation of customs port corridors, benefitting from all the typical ZLS facilities and incentives in addition to the free enclosed customs zone whose catalyzing value needs to be enriched.