Zambia - Waste to Roof Tiles Project

About this project

• Purpose of this project: To develop low cost alternative building materials, in this case roof tiles, from a combination of plastic waste and copper tailings. • Motivation: Developing roof material would significantly contribute to the reduction of the construction cost and at the same time take away waste from the landfills and tailing dumps. • Results: Roof covering tile of size 300mm x 300mm x 8mm was developed from a combination of plastic waste and copper tailings. • The tile is 64% lighter than concrete tiles supporting low cost housing development • The developed tile is on average 81% cheaper than concrete tiles and 41% cheaper than steel tiles. • Life span: expected to exceed 100 years • The combination of the two waste materials provided a sustainable solution to the disposal of plastic waste and tailings • For an estimated production of 2 million tiles/year, up to 1.2 million tonnes of plastic and 1.4 million tonnes of tailings would be kept out of the waste stream every year. • Sustainability of constant raw material supply: Mining operations in the country are vast. • Overall Project status: Patent protection has been granted now awaiting financial input in an effort to commercialise the product