Sihanouk Seaplane

About this project
• Sihanouk Seaplane will offer Cambodia’s first premium amphibious seaplane services, providing faster, easier and seamless access to and near waterfront locations, such as resorts, beaches and marinas. • 8-seater premium seaplane,VIP customer service. Commercial and charter, luxurious seaplane operation in world-class standard airline operator, targeting high-end tourism and corporate but accessible in price. • Offering a “once in a lifetime — every time” experience. This visibly enhances tourism in Cambodia as a highly desirable and sought-after destination. • A premium service for any holiday-makers, groups of friends and families, as well as the most exclusive VIP service for discerned executives and influential persons aim to capture the growing premium-luxury tourism in Cambodia. • As part of Seaplane Asia Ltd, leverage on operational expertise set-up in Thailand (Siam Seaplane) to ensure rigorous set-up and fast execution, while applying the same safety rules and regulations as any international airline.