Saudi Arabia - Mecca Public Transportation Program (MPTP): Bus Rapid Transit

About this project

Makkah Mass Rail Transit Company (MMRTC) is undertaking the construction of the first phase of the bus network which will consist of 12 lines along a length of 300 km, of which seven lines will be for local ones, with a total of 158 stop stations, and the remaining five are fast lines with a length of 172 km and a total of 342 stop stations, using large and articulated buses.

The US$250 million project includes the following:

  1. Construction of 300km, 12 lines bus network
  2. Construction of 220,000m2 maintenance center
  3. Construction of four main transport stations
  4. Construction of umbrellas, ticketing and loading platforms
  5. Construction of 35,000m2 of asphalt pavement
  6. Construction of 3,000m2 of passenger berths
  7. Construction of seven pedestrian bridges equipped with elevators and escalators
  8. Supply and installation of intelligent transmission associated with the command and control center integrated with other systems
  9. Construction of associated facilities

This project is sourced from MEED Projects ( Project ID (Old, New): 40541, 290082