Santai Seaplane

About this project
Santai Seaplane will offer premium amphibious seaplane services, providing faster, easier and seamless access to and near waterfront locations, for tourism and corporate (e.g. mining, palm oil), connecting many of the 17,500 islands across Indonesia. 8-seater premium seaplane,VIP customer service. Commercial and charter, luxurious seaplane operation in world-class standard airline operator, targeting high-end tourism and corporate but accessible in price. Offering a “once in a lifetime — every time” experience. This visibly unlocks waterfront and islands’ access with logistical challenges. As part of Seaplane Asia Ltd, leverage on operational expertise set-up in Thailand (Siam Seaplane) to ensure rigorous set-up and fast execution, while applying the same safety rules and regulations as any international airline. Government mandate to ease seaplane operations will facilitate efficient licensing and business set-up process.