Salt Refining Plant

About this project
Salt Refining Plant 20 tons/hour. We produce national salt from sea/coastal salt which is stored in salt ponds and dried in a simple way using only sunlight and low quality salt with 88-94% NaCL because in our country there is often a rainy season so we need a salt purification machine with  modern technology in order to produce industrial salt of good quality, clean, shiny white, NaCL min 97-99% (use of industrial salt). To process high-quality salt according to industry standards, high and modern technology is needed, because it currently uses conventional or simple methods. Our salt processing & development program is supported by the government through relevant ministries & salt farmers who provide raw materials through cooperatives/small medium enterprises/economic organizations. Market segmentation is very huge: Electric Battery (Sodium Battery/Chemical Battery) - Miscellaneous Food Industry (Food, Beverage & Seasonings) - High Quality Consumption Salt - Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical Industry - Basic Chemical Industry - Water Treatment Industry - Leather & Textile Industry - Oil Drilling - Paper Industry.