Italy - The new Distripark (Eco-industrial and logistics hub)

About this project
The new Distripark project is a greenfield investment for the creation of the Eco-industrial and logistics hub, based on the new concept of the Energy community and including also sustainable real estate, green logistics, connectivity and green mobility. Driven by a relevant power generation investment through renewable energies plants, the eco-park aims at attracting potential partners in different businesses: investors in power generation, industrial and logistics real estate developers, manufacturer and distributors in the field of green mobility, providers of connectivity’s services. The Distripark project will be developed with the capitals of such private investors, within the framework of a PPP initiative by a port concession agreement. Foreign companies can send an expression of interest to the Port Authority. The project partners will cooperate in order to attract specific businesses, such as distribution centers, e-commerce logistics, light industrial and assembly activities respecting the essential principles of the circular economy. The new Distripark can host warehouses and offices up