Greece - Product Development for Natural Bio-Cosmetics

About this project
UNIQUE COLLECTION OF NATURAL BIO-COSMETICS PRODUCTS A Greek company has a range of 40 unique natural bio-cosmetics products. Organically cultivated, Greek origin’s products with the following active ingredients: Mastic oil, Olive oil, Essential oils, Fruit juices, Cereals, Herbs, Aloe-vera and Spirulina. Active ingredients that are identifiable and accepted by the organism, Natural ingredients deriving from certified organic cultivation (without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, weed killers), Quality control both on the raw materials and the final product and procedures of production that are friendly to the environment. FACIAL CARE, MOUTH CARE, SUN CARE, LIP BALMS, SHAMPOOS, SHOWER GELS, SLIMMING PRODUCTS, HAND CREAM, BABY LINE. They are open to any discussion either for exclusive distribution in Asia, worldwide, OEM or even full acquisition of the collection.