Indonesia - Industrial Salt Processing Plant

About this project
In order to participate in assisting government programs to meet the needs of domestic industrial salt, about 4.4 - 4.7 million tons per year which is estimated to increase every year in line with the rising demand from industry (CAP, Consumption, Paper Industry, Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Drilling Oil, Food Industry, Water Treatment, Textile Industry) it requires the latest and modern technology to improve the quality of national's salt into industrial salt compared to the conventional method is relative simple. As we know, to be able to meet the needs of industrial salt so far the government is still importing salt at the quota of 2.7 million tons in 2019. In the same year, the national salt production recorded only 2.3 million tons. According to the quality of industrial salts with a minimum of 97-99% NaCl, these national's salt with 86-94% NaCl does not suit the standards. Along with this letter, we intend to develop the national's Salt Processing Program into Industrial Salt with percentage of NaCl up to 99% in order to meet the national needs and exports of good & high quality salt and become a SOLUTION for the government to generate state revenues while reducing salt imports to helping boost the regional economy, improve welfare and create jobs for the community. We have coordinated with the Central Government of Indonesia, the Ministry of Maritime & Investment Republic of Indonesia, the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board.