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About this project
Project Slate is a Singapore-headquartered EdTech company offering a suite of Assessments, Exams and Tests (AET) solutions to meet all the requirements of educational institutions. The launch of its digital AET solution made the Company a pioneer in the digital exam / testing space. Following its successful launch at a large government university in India, the Company has since signed up 15 more institutions including marquee names. The solution has high stickiness, with multi-year contracts and annuity revenues. The total value of outstanding contracts is ca. US$13m, of which US$8.5m is yet to be executed.Project Slate’s flagship platform has successfully delivered more than 2.5 million high-stake exams translating to over 55 million answer pages, all of this with zero loss of data. More than 50,000 students and over 4,000 faculty members currently use the solution.