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Belt and Road Summit 2018: Philippine Prospects

The Chinese mainland’s support and investment on Belt and Road prospects in the Philippines are welcomed by both the public and private sectors, says Manuel Pangilinan, Chairman of Metro Pacific Investments. He said Metro Pacific Investments is open to great opportunities for infrastructure contracting such as toll ways and bridges while Hong Kong can be the hub for Belt and Road business from Asia to Europe.

Belt and Road Summit 2018: Cyberport’s Digital Dividend

With over 1,000 tech companies and start-ups, Hong Kong Cyberport is a Hong Kong ICT leader and hub for the “Digital Silk Road”, said Chairman Dr Lee George Lam. Speaking beside the Belt and Road Summit, he said Cyberport start-ups offer a full range of new technologies including AI while Hong Kong as a leading financial technology centre is set to assist the rest of the Belt and Road market.

Powering AI for Belt and Road health

A Hong Kong company billed as Asia’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) incubator is making waves in the global start-up scene. Zeroth.AI runs an early stage funding programme for various start-up sectors including physical fitness. Managing Partner Tak Lo says he would like to see Hong Kong generated AI solutions tackle health issues in Belt and Road Initiative countries, where healthcare infrastructure may be lacking.

Hong Kong Hub for Rare Resource Company

Hong Kong has been chosen as the Asian hub for Canadian rare resource and jewellery company Korite International Inc. The Alberta-based company controls nearly all of the world’s resources of ancient Ammonite fossils and the jewellery made from them, Ammolite. Korite’s CEO Martin Bunting said Hong Kong’s world-beating trade shows and location offer huge regional potential, with connections to the Belt and Road and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area initiatives.

Martin Bunting, CEO, Korite International Inc

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