The Shaanxi Province Belt and Road Action Plan


On 5 April 2017, Shaanxi issued its provincial action plan with regard to implementing the national Belt and Road Initiative at a local level. Overall, the province’s plan details its proposals to construct a series of transportation, trade and logistics centres and an integrated three-dimensional traffic network, while expanding the capacity of Shaanxi’s highway and railway networks. It outlines the proposed development of the Xi’an Xianyang International Airport into an international aviation hub, offering an enhanced array of passenger flights, while also functioning as an international aviation logistics hub with connection to five continents. In addition, the construction of a “three network-three port” core logistics system spanning the whole province is also to be prioritised, as is an expansion to the destinations served by the China-Europe Railway Express/CR Express (Xi’an). Similarly, increased efforts are to be made to deepen customs clearance, inspection and quarantine co-operation with the countries set along the routes of the Belt and Road, while further developing cross-border e-commerce in order to ensure the steady growth, transformation and overall upgrade of foreign trade. The plan also sees Shaanxi developed into a centre for science, technology and education, an international tourism centre and a regional financial centre. Among others, a cultural exchange platform is to be established, while the overall environment is to be optimised to ensure a conducive approach to all development requirements.

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