Key Tasks of Jiangxi Province in Advancing the Belt and Road Initiative 2018


Jiangxi’s Development and Reform Commission has identified seven key priority tasks for the year of 2018 as it looks to step up its contribution to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

As outlined in the Commission’s recently-issued Key Tasks of Jiangxi Province in Advancing the Belt and Road Initiative 2018, the seven designated priorities are as follows:

  1. Deepening international cooperation and exchange
  2. Accelerating infrastructure connectivity
  3. Promoting international cooperation in the field of production capacity
  4. Bolstering overseas economic cooperation and international trade
  5. Initiating people-to-people exchanges and greater overall cooperation
  6. Making renewed efforts to establish interchange platforms
  7. Enhancing all relevant working mechanisms

In line with the Commission’s recommendations, the province is to put a particular emphasis on expanding its economic cooperation with businesses beyond China’s borders and raising its overall level of international trade. In order to achieve this, plans are already in place to target many of the markets along the proposed BRI routes, raise the level of both imports and exports and to reinvigorate its ongoing commitment to securing increased overseas investment, all the while continuing to build the overall level of international trade and investment. Ultimately, it is hoped that implementing the designated programme will deliver a 9% increase in the province’s uptake of overseas-sourced investment, as well as an 8% rise in revenue from its non-China project portfolio.

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