Hunan’s Belt and Road Action Plan (2015-2017)

On 14 August 2015, the Hunan government issued its Action Plan for Hunan to Integrate with the “Belt and Road” Strategy (2015-2017). The document saw the province pledge to upgrade its economic and trade co-operation and fully promote people-to-people exchanges with countries along the "Belt and Road". In terms of key actions, the circular outlined the province’s plans to promote the "going out" of its equipment manufacturing capacity, such as the capacity of its engineering and machinery industry, iron and steel industry and the exploitation of energy resources, through outbound investment and overseas project contracting.

Hunan also undertook to upgrade its foreign trade activities, including expanding its export of agricultural products, light industrial products, hardware and mechanical and electrical products. It is looking to achieve this by opening up to the emerging markets along the "Belt and Road", attracting investment to upgrade its industries, while supporting the construction of waterways, railways, highways and other infrastructure projects. Through these means, it plans to establish enhanced direct maritime and overland links with the countries along the "Belt and Road".

For the full text of the Action Plan in Chinese, please click here.