Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Deepening Pan-PRD Regional Cooperation

The State Council has issued its Guiding Opinions on Deepening Pan-Pearl River Delta (PRD) Regional Cooperation. Published on 15 March 2016, the proposal aims to promote the development of pan-PRD regional co-operation in the broadest possible terms. This includes enhancing the pivotal and guiding role of the PRD region, together with Hong Kong and Macau, and giving impetus to the central south and southwestern regions in the acceleration of their own development. It also looks to strengthen connections and coordination with the Yangtze River Economic Belt, deepen co-operation across all sectors, increase the development scope of Hong Kong and Macau, and raise the development level of the regional open economy overall. Leveraging on the geographical advantages of the Pan-PRD region with regard to bridging South Asia and Southeast Asia, as well as the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the region will give full support to Fujian in the construction of the core area of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. It will also work closely with all relevant provinces and regions on the development of the Belt and Road gateway, hub and pivot. Furthermore, it will form one of the strategic anchors for maritime co-operation, embracing the unique roles of Hong Kong, Macau and a number of other key regions. Above all, it will fully participate in the joint efforts to promote the construction of the Belt and Road, while establishing itself as an important region with a high level of participation in international co-operation.

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