Guangxi Outlines Commitment to Establishing China-ASEAN Information Port

In April 2016, the Guangxi local government first issued its Proposal on Advancing the Building of a China-ASEAN Information Port. Ultimately, this project was envisaged as an international communications network system with Guangxi acting as the hub. It was conceived as servicing ASEAN, southwestern China and central-southern China. An online information port, it was designed to deliver closer ties between China and ASEAN across a number of sectors, including technological cooperation, information sharing, cultural exchange, and economic and trade services. In line with the Proposal, the plan is to be implemented in two phases. From 2015 to 2017, action will be taken to initiate a number of related infrastructure projects, identify several of the key industrial bases serving ASEAN, and to establish an overall framework for the China-ASEAN information port. From 2018 to 2020, efforts will then be made to implement an information and communications network system connecting China and ASEAN countries, establish a long-term cooperation mechanism, as well as to set up five dedicated service platforms in the areas of infrastructure construction, technological cooperation, economic and trade services, information sharing, and cultural exchange.

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