China’s Arab Policy Paper

In January 2016, China issued a policy paper laying its development priorities with regard to the Arab nations. After summarising the historic development of relations between China and the Arab nations, the paper sets out guiding principles for the future growth of those ties and maps out a mutually beneficial plan for elevating bilateral co-operation to new heights. In order to deliver this, China is committed to devoting considerable effort to deepening China-Arab strategic co-operation on all fronts, particularly with regard to joint initiatives. In addition to strengthening political exchanges and co-operation in the fields of investment and trade, a number of other joint China-Arab projects will also be undertaken as part of the Belt and Road Initiative. China and its Middle East partners will adopt the so-called "1+2+3" co-operation mode in order to upgrade their joint enterprises. This will see energy co-operation as the core initiative, with infrastructure construction and trade and investment facilitation as the two subsidiary priorities. The three remaining targets for co-operation would then be innovation and high-tech areas related to nuclear energy, satellites and new energy sources. China will also look to increase its co-operation with countries in the region in terms of social development, with an emphasis on health care, education, human resources and technological co-operation.
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