The Strategic Targets and the Business Innovation of the AIIB

21 Nov 17

By Liu Dongmin, Xiao Lisheng, Li Yuanfang, Xiong Aizong, Gaobei

This paper analyses the strategic targets, the business focuses, the successful experiences and the existing problems of the world's major multilateral development Banks. Based on that, the paper puts forward four strategic targets of the AIIB: 1, respect for the needs of developing countries; 2, sound financial sustainability; 3, stick to international high standard; 4, attach importance to international cooperation. At the same time, the paper raises six suggestions for the AIIB's business innovation: 1, making urbanization as one of the important infrastructure investments; 2, establishing ‘international infrastructure investment company’ to facilitate project construction; 3, the establishment of offshore RMB overseas investment fund; 4, Promoting the urbanization construction and cross border projects by the establishment of "special economic zone";5, implement green finance; 6, set up Asian Finance Corporation in the AIIB to pursue market-oriented operations.

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