Belt and Road: The biggest beneficiaries

SUMMARY There are at least 65 countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, but which of them stand to benefit the most, and where has the money gone so far?   Please click HERE to read more.
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Belt and Road shines through the US-China trade dispute

By Kelvin Lau, Senior Economist, Greater China, Standard Chartered   SUMMARY Launched just five years ago, the Belt and Road Initiative has come a long way in a short time. While the rising risk of prolonged US-China trade dispute looks set to reshape the global trade and investment landscape, we believe that it could fuel B&R’s growth and make it even more important for the long-term development of China and its partner countries.   Please click HERE to read more.
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Could Africa’s long-term trading currency be the renminbi?

By Philip Panaino, Regional Head, Transaction Banking, Africa & Middle East, Standard Chartered SUMMARY With the Belt and Road initiative fostering financial cooperation and trade in Africa, it makes economic sense for countries along the modern “Silk Road” to use the Chinese currency. The deepening trade relationship between China and Africa clearly points to a long-term story in which the RMB will play a more strategic role in facilitating cross-border trade. Please click HERE to read more.
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Offshore Renminbi – Better times ahead

By Kelvin Lau, Becky Liu, Chidu Narayanan   SUMMARY Things are looking up for Renminbi internationalisation in 2018. The CNY has been off to a strong start to 2018, and barring a full-fledged trade war, it is expected that the Chinese authorities will allow further CNY appreciation against a weak USD backdrop while keeping the CNY basket value steady. The Dim Sum bond market is expected to have a revival as gross issuance picked up evidently in January.   Please click HERE to read more.
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Seizing China’s ‘new economy’ opportunity

SUMMARY For international investors looking for the next big opportunity, China’s ‘new economy’ companies offer plenty. China’s Belt and Road (B&R) initiative – which involves large-scale infrastructure development along China’s centuries-old trade routes across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe – is part of the solution to ensure Chinese companies continue growing.  There is also opportunity for global investors. Please click here to read the full article. By Clive McDonnell
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