Belt and Road to Bring Mutual Economic Benefits for Southeast Asia and China

Peter Wong, Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited In the wake of more isolationist political thinking in the West, with many developed economies turning inward, China is reaching out, seeking stronger trade and investment links with its economic partners. China’s Belt and Road initiative (BRI) is a prime example of this reaching out policy. Under the initiative, China aims to trigger demand for materials and goods at home by investing in strategic infrastructure projects abroad, growing economic ties along its old Silk Road t…
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The Belt, the Road and the Bonds

By Gordon French, Head of Global Banking and Markets, Asia Pacific, HSBC Perhaps it’s inevitable that interest in China’s Belt and Road Initiative tends to revolve around the railway lines, ports and highways that will be constructed in its name. These are the most visible manifestations of the “Belt and Road,” and they evoke beguiling images of the ancient land and sea routes along which silk was once transported from Xi’An to St Petersburg, or tea from Guangzhou to Rotterdam. But sometimes it is the financial dimension of infrastructure in Asia that stands out – because of th…
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ASEAN infrastructure gap turns negatives into positives

By Stuart Tait, Group General Manager and Regional Head of Commercial Banking, Asia Pacific With protectionism threatening to dim Europe’s economic lights, Southeast Asia – fuelled by its nation-building infrastructure activity - could be the commercial catalyst that European corporates need. --------- If a spending deficit of US$1.2 trillion in six key Asian economies and a rising tide of protectionist rhetoric in Europe don’t seem the most promising combination of business prospects, think again. Add in China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, and together they make a co…
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More than just a “road”

Peter Wong Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited   To really understand what the “Belt and Road” initiative is all about, it’s best to stop thinking of it as being purely about “roads” and infrastructure “belts.” True, “Belt and Road” will involve building a lot of highways, railways, bridges and other infrastructure – the physical building blocks that will facilitate greater trade flows not just with China’s immediate neighbours, but also with countries as far afield as Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The overall goal…
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