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What does the future hold for LNG across Asia?

Preparing for widespread growth Rapid growth in energy demand across Asia is seeing LNG become the fuel of choice. Driven by expanding populations, rising standards of living, and sprawling urbanisation, demand will only keep growing. With LNG production and transportation at an all-time high, Asia is seeing new opportunities for both land-based import terminals as well as floating storage and regasification facilities. This trend is set to keep on going, with energy growth predictions for Asia much higher than the rest of the world. Japan and Korea have long relied on LNG fo…
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Resilience must be embedded in BRI

Sustainable and resilient infrastructure design is vital for the Belt & Road… not just for Asia, but for the world as well Just over four years after President Xi Jinping first launched his vision for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the concept is fast becoming a reality. With a vision of reform, development, trade and innovation at the heart of the concept, BRI is set to reshape and revitalise trade links around the globe. The countries along the various corridors account for some two-thirds of the world’s population, but only one third of the world’s GDP. So there is …
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